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Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Are you a guy who just hasn't met Mrs. Right? Are you a man wanting a mature woman to have by your side? Do you love adventure and being able to do almost ALL THE THINGS?! LOOK NO FURTHER

Get lost in these baby blues while getting to know this beauty. This girl is a warrior dash survivor & thriver, a yoga teacher in-training, a wonderful mother of three children (two are grown and the last is 15 and plays ball), she works full-time & has been with her current employer for thirteen (yes, 13) years. She's a loyal friend & overall great person to be around. Crystal is the "girl next door" that you might never meet unless it's at the grocery store. She loves quiet nights at home snuggling her furbabies, having an occasional nightcap, & catching up with friends to celebrate the goodness in life. That last bit is rather difficult at this time in history, so here we are... We're all just trying to get along and thrive in this wild ride of life as we know it now. Anyway, I’ve created a google form for this very occasion. Would you like to meet Crystal? Please fill out the form attached and don't forget to add your social media or web handle, so she can see photos of you. Incomplete forms will not be read. Please follow the instructions. Trust me: SHE’S WORTH IT! Learn more Not enough data for insights yet Share post


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