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You deserve a day of beauty. Feel good & have fun doing it!

Updated: Nov 3, 2020


Q: Have you always wanted to have boudoir portraits that you're proud to show off or even just to admire yourself and how far you've come in this crazy life?

Q: Have you been down on yourself and need a boost?

Q: Been saving up for a session like this and just don't know where to start?

If you answered "Yes" to any of those questions, YOU NEED TO BOOK A BOUDOIR SESSION!


Who is "we"?

That's a great question! We is myself (Kristen Rose Lirette Frederick) as your professional photographer, photoshop artist, & your own personal hype girl along with my amazingly talented sister as your professional hair and makeup artist (HMUA--Katie Lirette).

Having your boudoir portraits done is an investment that you’ll cherish forever! It is a luxury experience where we help to bring out the most beautiful and confident YOU!


Want to have gorgeous heirloom portraits & artwork of yourself that you (or others) can admire for years to come?

Here's how:

Step 1: Inquiry. You've seen the possibilities & you're in need of a boost. Been wanting to have a makeover? We've got you! Prefer to keep your beautiful natural glow?! We can highlight that, too! We're only an email or phone call away. Here is a great place to start, so click on this sentence somewhere. 👑

Step 2: We set-up that phone consultation to see if we are a good fit for each other. We go over the bullet points relating to your custom session over the phone in a conversation that will last anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 minutes depending on how excited we get! Prefer a FaceTime talk? I'm game! I just need to know that before--in the event I'm looking like a hot mess express, so I can tame this wild hair. 🤪

Step 3: We at BOUDOIR by Rose & Beauty by Katie Lirette (our exclusive HMUA) gather up some dates that may work for you & discuss any contract terms through phone or email. Once we agree on any terms (ie: any model release info or lack thereof) you are sent a contract and your first invoice to your email. Once those are taken care of, your special date is reserved & held just for you!

Step 4: We communicate further through phone, email, and social media to get you prepped and ready to enjoy a stress-free day here at our studio. Any shopping tips and wardrobe options will be planned for during this period. Don't want clothes/lingerie for yours? No problem! Almost anything goes for these intimate beauty portraits. Some of my favorites are a simple cream blanket draped ever-so-perfectly to accent all your best features & bonus, we already have that here in studio.

Step 5: YOUR SESSION DAY IS HERE!! I'm so excited to see you! You arrive at our studio at your appointment time, we break the ice and have a small meet & greet to relieve some of those butterflies you may still have prior to getting started. We check out the beautiful items you brought to get an idea of which order you'll wear them for your portraits. We confirm your hair and makeup decisions and get started with your before photo. Now, we let the transformation (or glowup) commence! While you're in the hair and makeup chair getting pampered, we make sure you're well hydrated and ready for your closeups!

Step 6: We get you fitted into the first outfit/blanket/sheet & we're set to start showing you just how beautiful you really are! I'll show you one from the back of the camera for reassurance then off we go! I walk you through the whole process of posing and facial expressions as we laugh and have fun for the next hour or so depending on which collection you fall in love with.

Step 7: Once your session is over, we send you out to lunch for about an hour and a half or so while we prepare only the best portraits in our software for your viewing pleasure!

Step 8: You're now fed, satiated, & still looking FABULOUS from head to toe as you come back to the studio to view your proofs THE SAME DAY!! WHAAATTT?! Here is where you'll choose your favorites for your custom album, folio box, and/or wall portraits for that amazing master bedroom of yours! All financial decisions will be made here, so we can get your artwork to you quickly. We offer payment plans through paypal credit & accept most forms of payment.

Step 9: Your portraits are brought to life with my attention to details and Fine Art editing techniques to make all your best features shine! I spend the time necessary to make your portraits something you'll be thrilled to admire for years to come! I then send off the completely edited portraits to be printed onto your beautiful chosen art papers, albums, & canvas bases.

Step 10: All your final artwork is delivered, you get all excited again enjoying looking at the beauty you've always had, & your confidence soars! Your love-life improves (single & loving it? you'll learn to love the skin you're in even more!), your work-life improves, your whole life improves.

See what being positive & confident does?! Now, what are you waiting for? BOOK NOW!

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