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Presents: Ask Rose & them...

As some of you may already know, Kristen Rose Photography hosts an intimate and private group of beautiful and very smart ladies on facebook where we share all kinds of advice, tips, and just fun stuff in general. Some ladies are wanting to keep things a little MORE private by asking anonymous questions to be answered by myself (Kristen Frederick) and the other group members to get some more insight on how to possibly solve their personal issues. I've created this form, so you don't even have to share your name or email address to have your questions answered. They are completely ANONYMOUS--even to me!
Here is the link to join our group if you are not already a member.
You MUST answer the questions honestly and agree to the group rules to be accepted.
Only female or female identifying humans are permitted to join. No joint accounts, please! Also, since this is another avenue where I advertise my photography services, no other photographers are permitted to join. You may still ask your question if you would like to be anonymous, but in that case you will have to provide an email address for us to route the answer to your question back to you. It will still be kept a secret. Privacy is very important to me and I will never share your email address or identity with anyone.
MALES: If you would like answers to all your burning questions, you are also welcome to submit questions, but like the others not in our group, you, too, will have to submit an email address before or after your question to be sure we can route the answers back to you via that email address. Anonymity is guaranteed.
Ask Us Anything!

ATTENTION: This box is not for pricing questions and how to book a session. Please scroll down more to access the buttons for those things. 

Thanks for submitting! Not all questions will be answered in our private group. Only questions deemed appropriate will be posted.


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