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Boudoir TRUNK Pre-Payment Plans PLUS Bonuses!


Hey Lady!

             I'm so excited that you are looking towards pre-purchasing a collection to go along with your amazing boudoir session experience!

Pre-purchasing your collection before your viewing and ordering session is an amazing way to get just what you want while staying budget friendly. You can break your payments into three, six, or even twelve month installments and make your ultimate boudoir dreams come true!​

  • PLUS all pre-pay clients have the opportunity to earn bonus gifts like session add-ons, prints, and local experiences based on your chosen collection.

    Wowsa! That is over $1000 in savings and added value!

    ** In order to receive the full benefits of the Boudoir Trunk, it must be paid off 30 days prior to your session date **

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Do I have to have my pre-payment plan completed before my session to qualify for the discount?
A: Yes. We are booking up to 12 months in advance at the moment, so you will have plenty of time to pre-pay AND get your session booked.


Q: What if I end up loving more images than I pre-purchased?
A: We can move you up to the collection that fits you best and we will credit your prepayment amount towards it.

Q: Are the pre-payments refundable?
A: Due to the structure of our business and standard industry practices: all sales are final and there are no refunds available on pre-payments.

Q: What if I end up NOT loving my photos?
We have literally never had that happen. We work tirelessly to make sure that you not only have an incredible experience but that your pictures are exceptional. You can always commit to a smaller collection now and upgrade at your same day viewing and ordering session.

Q: I really want an album. What size is best?
A: The sizes of my albums per collection are mostly dictated by the amount of images. The more images, the larger album that is required to make sure we have enough pages. My most popular album size is 10x10, which comes included in both the Hope Diamond & Diamond Collections.

Q: I have no idea what collection I should get! Help!
A: Our two most popular Collections are the Diamond and the Alexandrite. Most clients spend around $3,200 in order to get everything they want to capture and remember their session forever. Remember you can always bump up your collection at your same-day viewing-and-ordering session if need be.

Q: What is the complimentary print credit included with some of the promotions you offer? 
A: The complimentary print credit is something I like to offer you as a thank you for allowing us to use some of your portraits for promotional items that help to grow our business like ads, and sometimes even art exibits or contests. You can apply your credit toward gorgeous wall art, stunning prints, or even a fun retro viewfinder with your top images included! You can chose to use all of your print credit or none of it. It is simply a thank you from our small business to you! :)


Q: What are the bonuses I can earn with the Boudoir Trunk?
A: For each Collection, you will earn a set amount of Gemstones. These Gemstones can be redeemed in any mix and match fashion you’d like!


** In order to receive the full benefits of the Boudoir Trunk, your chosen Collection must be paid off 30 days prior to your session date. **



*1 Additional Outfit or Satin Sheets Session Add-On

Lunch at Nearby Restaurant After Your Session (Same-day viewing not available.)

Eyebrow Wax Before Your Session (At least 2 days-no exceptions!)

Wooden, Laser Engraved Puzzle (Supporting another local artist!)

*(adds up to 15 minutes extra session time)*



*Professional Headshot (1 fully retouched digital social image)

*Shower Set Session Add-On (Warm weather only-outdoors.)

{Facial or Wax of your choice in Houma with Amelia}
{No less than 3 days before session-can also be saved for after.} 

[Massage After Your Session in Thibodaux]
[Next day or later, so you can fully enjoy your hair & makeup the rest of the evening!]

50% off Your Next BOUDOIR by Rose Experience Within 12 Months

*(adds up to 20 minutes extra session time)*



Personal (In-Person or Virtual) Shopping Assistant

Custom Mobile App of Purchased Images

Folio or Acrylic Bedside Art

One More Fine Art Digital Portrait

Custom 12-Month Calendar

5x7 Diamond Block

Custom Retro Viewer & Reel

*Luxe Couture Angel Wings Session Add-On

*(adds up to 45 minutes extra session time)*



Kristen Rose Photography's

BOUDOIR by Rose Experience

In-studio or on location

Thibodaux, LA, 70301


(985) 804-7272 EMAIL:


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