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Father/Son Learning Fun!

So my cousin Josh is a great carpenter and overall handyman based out of Erath, LA.

We just happen to have needed a bathroom faucet replaced & I knew just who to ask. He's got a heart of gold and a son who will be three years old in just a couple short weeks, so we traded some services! I love a good barter! I was thrilled when he was interested in a father & son session to have some art to hang in his living room! Makes my heart sing!

Parker is a little man of few words, but he sure loves a good challenge! Parker loves matching his blocks and is starting to tell us their colors & shapes. He even helped me move my antique fainting couch from the studio to the foyer! Such a strong little dude!

My Fine Art rendition of their fun time in my studio!


Parker loves taking photos, but will rarely look right at the camera. We managed to get a few good ones that I'm putting in a little lifestyle app for them to show friends and family.

Contact to book your session NOW! Spots are limited.

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